Cassandra Cherneski has been professionally planning events since 2005. Her background is in English Education, which actually translates to the event world quite well, as she believes the wedding planning process is a chance to tell her client's stories through meaningful experiences. Cassandra is obsessed with design and considers herself a student of aesthetics. Her analytical and creative nature means that she's always dreaming up ideas and possibilities for her clients. Cassandra is the lead planner for Flaire's Florida office.

A graduate of Liberty University, Cassandra enjoys reading, studying the French language, gardening and cooking. She is a believer, wife and mother of three. She can't wait to get to know you and help you realize your wedding dreams.

Meet Cassandra

Loves to Travel


Juggling life with teens and a toddler

Secretly preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Addicted to Chips and Salsa

Has Planned over 200 weddings

Obsessed with France

fun facts about cassandra

Flaire Weddings and Events was founded in 2005 by Cassandra Cherneski, and in 2021 Caroline Fuller joined the team as a partner and lead planner. Learn more about each of us!

Meet Your Planners

Caroline Fuller has been in the event world since 2013. A master of logistics, Caroline is a powerhouse planner whose expertise in logistical details means our clients have seamless planning experiences where every detail is covered.Caroline is the lead planner for Flaire's Virginia office.

Caroline is a graduate of James Madison University. She is a believer, beloved and redeemed, a wife and a mother of two. Caroline is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. She can't wait to hear all about your big day!

Meet caroline

Met her husband at a Crossfit Gym

Mama to two girls

Loves labs, especially her black lab Otter

Her guilty pleasure is Bravo Housewives

She still uses a paper planner

fun facts about caroline



When the groom sees the bride for the first time. I believe it's such a foretaste of heaven on earth. 

The room reveal. I love seeing all of our design work come together in that one moment!

Favorite Wedding Moment



Confession ~ I dont like starbucks. Crazy, I know!

White Chocolate Mocha

Starbucks Order



White Sand, Clear blue water

The Amalfi Coast

Dream Travel Destination



Fall in Virginia


Favorite Season

our faves

In 2005, Cassandra Cherneski founded Flaire Weddings and Events. A high school English teacher at the time, she loved the creativity and excitement that came from planning weddings for friends and family and decided a side business would be just the thing to fill her weekends and summers. After just a few seasons it became apparent that weddings were her primary focus and in 2011, Cassandra left her teaching job to focus full time on the business.

In 2013, Caroline Fuller opened a planning company based in Jacksonville, Florida, called Simply Grace Events. Cassie and Caroline crossed paths at various educational and industry events and knew they had a similar aesthetic, life outlook and clientele.

Their overlapping giftings mean that Flaire clients are receiving outstanding service, impeccable attention to detail, and thoughtfully curated designs.

The Flaire Story

Both companies became increasingly successful, but with success comes some costs as well. Both women felt a tug to try to balance being amazing planners while also loving their families and children well and opened up about the struggles of running a business while also prioritizing family. What may have just been another vent session turned into a golden opportunity for Cassie and Caroline to join forces. Each brings different strengths to the table, and together they serve the market in a way no other company is doing. 

 In this case, two really are better than one and Cassie and Caroline can't wait to show you the difference.