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Her areas of specialty include design, the design process, defining your signature style and big picture strategy for growth and development.

Cassandra Cherneski, founder and co-owner of Flaire Weddings, is a 16-year veteran of the wedding industry and offers coaching and educational resources to other planners.

An 8-week group masterclass designed for planners who want to bring in more ideal clients, attract the right style of event and increase their revenue by upleveling their design game. We will be covering the basics of design, creating your design and choosing design elements, selling your design to clients and executing the design. Doors opening soon.

The Event Design Blueprint

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This Masterclass will help you uncover your brand’s signature aesthetic and help you consistently design cohesive events that showcase your signature style.

The Signature Aesthetic Masterclass

Need Design help with a specific event? Want to add design services to your business and no clue how to get started? Have you begun offering design but you’re frustrated with low budgets, clients who do their own thing and ignore your suggestions or worse? Let’s sit down together to troubleshoot your current process and identify ways to streamline, uplevel and simplify this revenue-driver in your business.

1:1 Coaching

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With no formal design training, Cassandra has cracked the code to teaching non-designers to design. She believes that event design can be taught - despite those who claim "you either have it or you don't." By systematically outlining the principles and elements of design, Cassandra teaches students to identify their client's design needs, craft a cohesive visual look and produce artful events that resonate with ideal clients and generate increased revenue.

Cassandra Cherneski is a 16-year veteran of the wedding industry. She mentors, coaches and teaches other planners the art of wedding and event design.

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